Mike Nickele > Copywriter
"Hey, wait a minute." That has been writer
Mike Nickele's goal since he first put his pen
to paper professionally over 30 years ago.
"If I can get someone to stop what they're doing
and listen to me, I win," says the award-winning
advertising copywriter and journalist.
"And, I win a lot."

Nickele began his career as an ink-stained wretch
back in 1975, working for small newspapers, bus-
iness journals and entertainment magazines. Just
four years into his career, he was awarded the prestigious "Detroit Press Club Foundation Award" for excellence in business reporting. When the need for better
lunches and more guitars became apparent, Nickele jumped ship and landed in
the crazy world of advertising. Stints at Y&R, McCann-Erickson, JWT and
Campbell-Ewald led to work in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, New York and
Chicago. And, with all of that, his family just wants to know what to do with all of
the dusty awards piled up in the basement. "Put 'em next to all those guitars and
lunch receipts," was his advice. "And, make room for more."
Experience -
Senior Copywriter - Quicken Loans, Rare Medium Well Done, JWT, Young & Rubicam, McCann-Erickson, Campbell-Ewald

Clients -
General Motors, Goodyear Tire,
Ford, Jaguar, Belle Tire, Coca-
Cola, McDonald's, Estracell

Awards -
American Advertising Federation,
Creative Advertising Club of
Detroit, Premio Excellence (Italy),
MediaKey (Europe), London
International Advertising Festival,
Clio Award, Detroit Press Club

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Big Buck Stuff -
Quicken Loans: Magic Mailbox
Quicken Loans: Juggling Awards
Quicken Loans: Family of Awards
Ford Windstar: Safety
Ford Windstar: Protector
Ford Citibank Card
Komen Race for the Cure
Ford Explorer
Opel: Beach
HHR: Like No One Else
Chevy: Fuel Efficiency
Chevy: Impala
Cobalt: Mile After Mile

On a Nickel -
Estracell: Wedge Sponge
Estracell: Clawth Reusable Cloth
Estracell: Sanitary Sponge
Safety King Air Duct
Radio Commercials-
Quicken Loans: Sweepstakes #1
Quicken Loans: Sweepstakes #2
Quicken Loans: Sweepstakes #3
Ford Outfitters: Terrance the Apeman
Ford Outfitters: Snowstorm
Senior Players #1
Senior Players #2
Ford Business Preferred Network
Mustang: Ska
Mustang: Birthday
Escort: I Can Go Anywhere
Print -
Jaguar Magazine Ad
Ya Mon Rum Label
Ford Blue Oval Ads
Komen Bookmark
Ford Racing Position Ad
Ford Racing - Mark Martin
Ford Racing - Jeff Burton
Radiance Tile Brochure
Guitars and Cars Article

Promotional Posters-
Corvette: Detroit Soul Ad
Corvette: Love U of M Ad
HHR: Autoshow Stopper Ad

Radio -
Jay Leno Creative Proposals